4 great persuasive prompts used in English

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       Well who doesn’t love a good laugh? we, all do. These are the funny kinds of persuasive prompts that will help you practice your writing to convince, instead of it being dull, ordinary topics used, each one I laced with a little touch of silliness. 

       1. It’s a Cover Up 

As a citizen of your town, you’d like to convince the city council that the pets should wear clothes. At their next meeting, you’ll have the chance to state your case. You should prepare an explanation telling why animals want to dress up, why the public wants their pet to wear clothes, and what sorts of outfits their pets might wear for the different occasions in various settings.

       2. Dragon’s Lair 

It’s a dragon which has made a nest in a large tree in your backyard, and the two of you have just started becoming friends. How will you persuade your parents to let it slay? 

      3. Extreme Sports 

The summer Olympics feature such as core sports such as archery, beach volley ball, and gymnastics. But, there are always new events that were asked to be included in the program. Then write a letter to the International Olympics, such as the committee in which you describe your sporting event and persuade them to consider to add it as an event in the 2024 summer games. 

      4. Go, Granny, Go!

While on vacation with your grandparents for example you see an advertisement that offers 2 for 1 deal on snorkeling or parasailing excursion. Make a list of the reasons why your elderly grandma should one of these activities with you. 

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(Inspired by: Kim Kautzer) 

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