Common Phrases with the word "Take"

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          It feels like been a long time since we talked about common phrases with one particular word. Well, now we are at it again! This time, we will discuss about common phrases with the word "take". 

          The word “take” is pretty common. You absolutely have heard it, and always use it when you make sentences. The word “take” has similar meaning with “get”, “accept”, or even “remove”. Although that word can stand alone, mostly native speakers combine that word with another word to make a completely new word with different meaning. 

          Here, we have several common phrases using “take” and their meanings.

1. Take a look

          It means to look. What makes it different from the word “look” is that it sounds more casual and friendly.

e.g:      Kids, take a look at page 78!

            Thank you so much for the notice. I will take a look at it later at noon.

2. Take place

          It means “happen” and usually is used for organized event.

e.g:      The last Olympic Games took place in Tokyo.

            The coronation will take place on May 15.

3. Take over

          Sometimes “take over” means “take control of”.

e.g:      When my father retires, my older brother will take over his responsibilities.

          But when we use it with people, it can be defined as someone or something is behaving in a bossy or controlling way.

e.g:      Her job has completely taken over her life. She has no time to rest!

4. Take turns doing something

          It means we wait for someone doing something first, then when they are finished, we can do something.

e.g:      We take turn to look out the window, in case someone is coming.

5. Take pictures/photo of

          A very common one to say “use your camera to capture a photo”. If someone takes pictures of you, that means they are the one who is using the camera, whereas if you have your pictures taken of, it means someone else is using the camera and they are taking your picture.

e.g:      My mother took pictures of me in front of that building.

            My grandparents are having their pictures taken of.

          Now that we have learned more about those common phrases, don't forget to practice those words in your daily life!

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