Daily Habits and Routine Become English Learning?

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           There are many ways to learn English while you do other things during your day. The more you expose yourself to the English language, the better you’ll become. There are many opportunities for us to increase our English skills. Nowadays, people or kids are tend to choose something fun to learn English. However, when you are focused and thinking critically, asking questions, and producing a language by speaking or writing, this is active learning. On the other hand, if you’re simply hearing the language, like listening to music or the TV, but you’re not really thinking critically about it or taking notes, this is passive learning. Daily habits are very important. Think about what you do every day. Studying English for 15 minutes every day is more effective than studying for 5 hours once a month. Here’s an example – if you brush your teeth for 5 hours once a month, I don’t think that would be very healthy. Think of English as a daily habit for the health of your English!

           You can do a lot of things to immerse yourself in English throughout your day, and this does help of course, but it is passive learning. We need to create an active learning experience for at least 15 minutes a day in order to improve your English skills. Do you prefer watch English series or listen English songs? Do you put yourself in places where you can listen to or speak English? Do you read in English? You’re already learning English passively. Practising is one of the most fun and rewarding parts of learning English. Once you can speak even a little English, there are loads of ways to improve your skills quickly while having tons of fun. Here are top tips for improving your spoken English and having a great time while you do it!

1.Set up your smatphone for English platform

           You may feel like English is difficult. Some days it’s not always easy to get up and want to study English, but when you create a habit, English becomes automatic. Smartphone is one the most thing people need to have and use for almost everything for personal, school or career stuff to handle. However, we tend to use our native language to do everything because it would be easy to comprehend but on the other hand you want to learn and master English without open books. You can start it with a baby step which is change your language on your phone to English, this step is probably difficult at first but when you are familiar with every part on your phone that won’t be a matter of time until you learn English as well. After you get used to learn English with the language setting, you may want to try to apply it on your social media too. Nowadays, most of people use social media to share or access everywhere and everytime, thus will be a good start to learn English from habits you enjoy to do on daily routine. When you’re having a hard time to understand English, you can easily access translation option, but only if you are having a difficulties not to try change it back toi your native language. It’s actually through consistency and daily habits that we improve. When we don’t have to think each day about how to create our schedule for studying, we can simply go ahead and start studying! It’s one less thing to think about.

2.Try to point out your routine on English

           Some people think that a routine is boring. They want to do something different each day and decide each day how to study English. I’m here to tell you that routines don’t have to be boring, they can be fun!. Everytime you start your day, you may want to express yourself in English in order to easily comprehend it. Daily things will be easy routine to do, so what point out in this context mean that express that routine on English as a point out for you to learn in easy way. The expression of a your routine such as “I need to brush my teeth” or “I want to eat noodle for breakfast” are basic start to speak English and communicate smoothly.  Get into the habit of using the correct words or pronunciation earlier would save you lots of headaches and confusion down the track. Plus, practising your pronunciation every day consistently, it's gonna help you to make noticeable improvements in a short space of time. Another important thing to remember is what types of time you are into to be more active? Are you more of an early bird (someone who likes to wake up early) or a night owl (someone who stays up late). Because we want to have our study routine in the time of day when we have the most energy, focus, and concentration. If you are more of night owl and try to start to point out in the morning, you may find yourself not focused because it’s not your time to activate.

3.Entertaining yourself with English

           Create one opportunity to absorb English every day. To absorb is to take in information so you're like a sponge soaking things up, taking in new ideas, new words, new ways of expressing yourself and you can do this in lots of different ways, so many ways. The point is, find something that interests you and excites you because you need to look forward to doing it every single day. It shouldn't feel like you're doing English practice but more of enjoy yourself with the things you like such as musics, movies, series of drama or funny videos you can find on YouTube or any platform you use. Basically, you try to expose yourself with English as much as possible until it becomes a habit and the most important aspect is you like it and enjoy the process of the learning. If you forced yourself to do this routine, I guarantee you’ll probably not absorb and understand the English.

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