The Importance of Support System

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          In everyday life, humans will go through many moments of difficult and happy conditions. Life doesn't always feel at the top, but sometimes at the bottom. As a normal human being, of course, we need support in difficult times. The support that a person can receive takes many forms from speech and action. This support can come from anywhere, mostly from the closest people. With this support, it will reduce a person's burden. Support can also be received in the form of solutions that can be used to solve existing problems. Words that contain enthusiasm can also increase the sense of wanting to fight more in our hearts. Without a support system, a person will carry all the problems on himself that can trigger mental and physical health problems. Many people don't realize that mental illness is so dangerous that it can trigger suicidal thoughts because these people don't find a solution to their problems and feel like they don't have anyone to share their worries with. Everyone has the right to get support from the people around him, and is also obliged to be a support system for others. Due to the importance of this support system, if each individual can provide the role of the support system, then all problems will be easier to pass.

          The support system usually comes from the closest people, such as family, friends, friends, or people in the surrounding environment. With this support system, it can also spur someone to be motivated to achieve achievement in one's life. A person's willingness to become a support system for others is usually influenced by the person's own experience. It can be seen whether in his life he has a lot of support from other people or not, which can influence whether a person wants to be a support system for others. For that, it is very necessary to have a desire to support others, so that more and more people can grow their desire too, to support each other. This will have a positive impact in strengthening people’s mental and spirit.

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