How to Simply Learn English Words

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            Being asked or questioning yourself about “How do I improve my vocabulary simple and quick?” Here are some easy ways to improve and expand the list of words you use in English. You can find a fun moments to read something, but if you only ever read easy texts, you won’t improve to understand english words. It’s still a good idea to read something easier every now and then, you'll be able to communicate with some basic words. People will understand you more easily, and you will understand more. Learning new words is a fun activity and one you can even do with the people around you. Challenge a friend, family member, or roommate to learn new words with you and you will be challenged to learn a little more each time you make a progress. Here are some tips you can use for learning English words.

1. Find a perfect time & moment for learning!

            Are you a morning person or a night person? Do you feel like your brain works the best at a specific time of day? Make sure you’re comfortable and have plenty of light because poor lighting can make you strain your eyes, and being uncomfortable is distracting. You want your mind to be completely on the text.

            Find yourself a place where you can have some peace and quiet when you read, to help you concentrate. Turn off the television, put your phone on silent, and go to a quiet room alone.Try to read at that time you feel enjoy the most and After a while, when you’re tired, take a breaks to give your eyes and mind a rest, or only read for short periods of time.

2. Create your own dictionary!

            Write down the new words you discover and you curious to know, you might have noticed some words you don’t know. Some words are more important to understand than others.  Just by writing them down you will start to recognize the words when you read. You don’t need to know every word to understand the text. Stopping to define every word takes time and distracts you from understanding the text.

            Plus, keeping a dictionary of all your new words will give you the confidence to learn even more words especially when you can see how many new words you've already learnt. When you come across a word you don’t know, ask yourself if you can understand the sentence without it or look out on the word context. It means the unknown word is surrounded by other words which clarify its meaning. By looking at the words that come before and after an unknown word, you can often figure out the basic meaning.

3. Try to learn a Words a Day

            Using a word a day calendar or develop your own list of words to learn. You can try to used games to learn English words such as word games that challenge you and help you discover new meanings and new words are a great tool for expanding your vocabulary with your family or friends. If you are bored with games, you can start a conversation by simply talking with other people. It can help you learn discover new words. As with reading, once you hear a new word, remember to jot it down so that you can study it later and then slowly add the new word to your vocabulary.These are great technique many people use to learn new words. Don't feel you must learn a new word every day.

            After you try these, you may not be able to be smart and understand English words but you will find yourself do it as a habit also soon enough you realized that the time you spend to learn is worth it. Learning is a progress from zero to hero and you should be well on your way to discovering and learning new words to expand your vocabulary and strengthen your use of the English language. Finally, remember that you must practice putting your new words into your writing and speaking so that you continue to remember them. Good luck!

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