Common Phrasal Verbs to Use in Everyday Life

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            According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a phrasal verb is a combination between two or more words from different lexical categories (verb-adverb, verb-preposition, etc.) to make a new verb that has different meaning. Phrasal verbs are normally used by native speakers. The most common phrasal verbs that we often hear are sit down, stand up, give up, and break up.

            Here are other examples of phrasal verbs for you to use in your interaction or essay.

1. Act up: behave badly/strangely

e.g: My stomach is acting up. I think it’s because I ate sambal this morning.

2. Ask somebody out: invite somebody on a date

e.g: I asked him out yesterday and I haven’t heard his news until now.

3. Break down: stop functioning

e.g: My dad’s car broke down on our way to the restaurant. That’s why I’m late.

4. Break down: get upset

e.g: He broke down because his favorite cartoon stopped airing last night.

5. Break up: end a relationship

e.g: Sally told me she broke up with her boyfriend right after the dinner.

6. Bring somebody up: raise a child

e.g: After the accident, her aunt decided to bring her up.

7. Bring something up: begin talking about a topic

e.g: Please stop bringing it up. I don’t want to hear another story about how you broke your leg.

8. Call something off: cancel something

e.g: I decided to call it off after knowing that that place was once a crime scene.

9. Call someone up: phone someone

e.g: You called me up again just to break me like a promise.

10. Calm down: relax after raging/being angry

e.g: You need to calm down because you were being too loud.

11. Dress up: wear something nice and pretty

e.g: Make sure to dress up for the dinner tonight. I’m bringing my parents.

12. Drop by/in/over: visit someone without appointment

e.g: My uncle dropped by/in/over to meet the new-born baby in my house.

13. Fall out: have an argument

e.g: We fell out that day, and we never spoke with each other ever since.

14. Get away with something: do something without being noticed

e.g: I hate that kid. He always cheats on exam and gets away with it.

15. Give in: reluctantly surrender/stop arguing

e.g: My mother finally gave in as soon as she saw how bad her condition was.

16. Give out: distribute something to people for free

e.g: The new store across the street are distributing perfume sample.

17. Give up: stop trying before finishing it

e.g: Tom has given up on chemistry before the class ends this semester.

18. Grow up: become adult

e.g: You need to grow up and solve your own problem.

19. Keep up: continue doing something on the same rate.

e.g: She tried everything to keep up with the materials, but there were too many.

20. Run into: meet someone unexpectedly

e.g: I ran into my old friend in the supermarket yesterday.

            Phrasal verbs can help you interacting with others. It might be difficult, but practicing will make everything perfect.

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