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            One of the way to learn english is with a fun way or activity to encourage the learners to enjoy the process and understand the material. Have you ever experienced that moment when you need to ask, “What did you say?” or “What is that meaning?” Even though you studied hard in English classes in your own country? From my experience, I assure you that watching movies is one of the best ways to improve your English listening and speaking skills. Movies is everyone favorite activity to do to enjoy the time, now we can use movie as the learning media. To begin with, we all enjoy watching movies and by doing something you enjoy, you are more likely to remember it. So yes, you may think that watching them in English with subtitles of your native language is as beneficial, but it’s not. At least not to the same extent. This is because watching in English with English subtitles will help you to learn the sound, familiarise the word and thereby making it easier to recognise in future. So, in the space of one movie, you learn new vocabulary, pronunciation, context and conversation.

            Movies and films give more than just entertainment. Watching foreign language movies is a fun, motivating way to improve language skills. While enjoying a movie, you can be immersed into authentic and varied language, the visual context and new expressions that you may not find in a textbook. Below Scots gives some ways that watching English movies can help you to learn English, and guide you how to get the most out of this technique. Although we have a lot of opportunities to talk with natives and to come across new words and phrases, you will forget what you have learnt unless you take notes immediately. However, if you study by watching movies, you can brush up on popular expressions over and over and wherever you are using your phone, tablet or laptop. Kids movies are a really great way to start watching movies in English. Favourites like “Aladdin” and “Toy Story” will be all the easier because they are familiar stories. They also have a smooth-running dialogue throughout and are easy to understand. If you have seen a movie already in your own language, then it makes the English version easier to understand. Due to the familiarity of the story, you’ll be figuring out what words mean to suit what you already know.

            You will hear English used in a natural way, informal English, slag words and phrases you do not often find in books or dictionaries. Repeating what you hear on screen can go a long way towards improving your speaking skills, from your fluency, words linking, pronunciation, to correct intonation. This is the most important process when watching movies. You will never learn a new thing without understanding the meaning of the words. Take your time to look up new words using a dictionary and jot down new vocabulary and expressions to use later. Re-watch your favorite films, and replay your favorite scenes. The more you re-watch, the more you can focus on the speech because you already know what is happening in every scene. Instead of focusing on what is happening, you can give more attention to what you hear. If you try too hard, it will be frustrating experience studying the language. Instead, try catching words and grammar points you already know and those you are not familiar with. You can pause and replay whenever you find something interesting or if you want to verify something. Here are some recommend movies for you to watch and learn!

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