Learning English with Songs

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          Learning a new language should spark all your senses, as well as your creative side. Therefore, it’s helpful to try and think of new techniques that you can use to help you learn. Obviously, as a student you need to study your new English vocabulary, and you must practice your new English knowledge in your Group and Private Classes. However, there are several additional ways to enhance your learning process. For example, listening to music in English will definitely enhance your language comprehension. English music improves your listening skills and increases your vocabulary.  It’s actually a brilliant idea to improve your English with songs! There are many reasons why it works and can help you to produce real everyday English with natural pronunciation. Music even helps your pronunciation. As you listen to the lyrics, you will be exposed to new English words.

          Music like rhythm, tone and rhyming help us to memorise chunks of language easily, and repetition of the chorus and other lyrics also helps us to memorise words. We learn vocabulary in context so we don’t need to use a dictionary to understand the meaning. The story of the song helps the vocabulary to stick in our minds long-term because we connect with the story and relate to it. listen a couple of times without the lyrics and just enjoy the music. Then see if you can follow the lyrics and sing along in time. (Don’t worry too much if there is some vocabulary you don’t understand.) Finally, pop in your earplugs and see how many times you can listen to the song over the next few days. It should get stuck in your head and you will find yourself singing it in the shower!

          If you try that approach, you will absorb the new language and pronunciation without really trying to improve your English. Then soon you will start to notice this language in real-life situations or you will catch yourself using a natural phrase from the song in everyday conversation without even thinking about it. Here are some recommend songs for you to listen and learn!

1. Wake me up- Avicci

          With plenty of repetition and a whole load of metaphors for more advanced learners to get to grips with, Avicci's 'Wake me up' is a simple and effective tune to help you practise your English over the summer.

2. Thinking out Loud- Ed Sheeran

          This romantic ballad by Ed Sheeran has made it into our top 10 due to its slow pace and repetitive chorus. The song also offers plenty of opportunities to practise the imperative. Practise the lyrics to 'Think Out Loud.'

3. Hello-Adele

          This powerful song is so brilliant for learning English because of its slow start and clear lyrics. In fact, for someone new to learning English, Adele's clear London accent is great for getting used to new words and phrases. Learn the lyrics to Hello by Adele.

4. Someone you loved- Lewis Capaldi

          With common idioms like 'let my guard down' and 'pull the rug,' Lewis Capaldi's 'Someone You Loved' offers a great range of new phrases for upper-intermediate learners. Click here to learn the lyrics to Lewis Capaldi.

5. All of Me- John Legend

          John Legend's 'All of Me' is great for practising phrasal verbs like 'pin down' 'draw in.' For upper-intermediate learners that would like a challenge, there's also great new idioms to learn too! Find out how to learn English with John Legend.

6. Shallow- Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

          From the soundtrack of the hit film, 'A Star is Born' this incredible song from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper offers English learners a slow-paced intro, as well as a wide range of new vocabulary. Practise the lyrics to Shallow here.

7. New Rules- Dua Lipa

          Although its lyrics are somewhat fast-paced, New Rules by Dua Lipa is the perfect song for practising the negative imperative as well as common abbreviations and slang terms like 'ain't' and 'em. Practise English with Dua Lipa here.

8. Just the Way You Are- Bruno Mars

          Last on our list is 'Just the Way You Are' by Bruno Mars. For people new to learning English, this catchy song by Bruno Marz allows learners to practise the simple present without difficult accents or phrasal verbs. Practise your English with Bruno Mars.

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