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       How could you see a 10 years old Arabian boy have better English than you which have learned English since at an elementary school? absolutely, the key is in the habit. That boy uses English as his habit in speaking, writing, listening and reading. He made English became his lifestyle. That is why he can produce English better than you as an English learner since more than six years ago, right?

       The difference is in the repetition and the consistency in practicing English. mostly, Indonesian students learn English only 60 – 90 minutes in a week. After they learned it at class, they won’t practice it outside the class. Therefore, the students are baffled to master English.

       Actually, there are so many techniques or strategies you can utilize in order to master your English skill. One of them is changing your bad habit to the good habit. And here we go! These are some tips for you.

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       “Learning by doing” is very appropriate quote when you are learning a language. You cannot master a language until you do it again again and again. The more you make mistakes, the more you learn. If you are afraid of making mistakes, you will get nothing. But remember! You have to be consistent. It is better for you to practice only in one technique but you make it consistent than you force yourself you try many techniques but you could not be consistent in it.

Practice makes right, repetitions make perferct!”.


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