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        People have so many kinds of mood in a day. You can feel happy, sad, angry, joyful, energetic, glad, and many more. Did you know? The changing of mood or you may say “mood swing” is influenced by many factors. It could be happened because of the weather’s changed, food that you eat, immune system, puberty, or many other health conditions.

       Having mood swing is natural but if it has an awful changing in a day, it will be dangerous for your psychology. One of the factors which makes you like this is depression. When it is more serious, it can be indicated as Borderline Personality Syndrome (BPS). BPS patient could not stay calm in keeping his/her interpersonal emotion. Additionally, people who have more dangerous than BPS could be signaled as a Bipolar. Here, the patient of Bipolar have not already determined in placing his/her feelings because of their mental disorders. They may feel happy in a sorrowful situation or feel depressed in a joyful ambience.

       Indeed, these mood swing will disturb your activities in a day. You will get a lot of problems handling your emotions. Maybe it is because of your work, financial, health, relationship, or school problems. To know what mood you have right now, I will tell you at least 7 kinds of mood in English. Nevertheless, I think that they are having more negative meaning than the negative one. 

1. Contented

This is a good mood when you are satisfied with something. When you have this mood, absolutely you have done something worthy. Congratulations!

2. Dejected 

Do you ever feel unsatisfied or disappointed with something or someone who do not reach your expectation? Well.. you are dejected.

3. Antsy

  When you are afraid or anxious about what may happen, you are antsy of something.

4. Terrified

 What thing makes you feel so frightened? Do you have phobia? If you are extremely afraid of slithering animal, I am sure that you are terrified of lizard.

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5. Terrific

 It is quite similar than the previous word, but they have contrast meaning. It has good meaning in expressing something wonderful or awesome. You may also use this word in describing something great or very large.

6. Baffled

 Do you have a big problem which is not easy to understand why it is happening? Or maybe it is too difficult to solve? This is a baffled thing to reveal.

7. Eager

 I have a big dream. I really want to make it happen. Therefore, I am eager to reach my dream energetically.

Those are the moods that might you feel every day. If you are worried about your mood swing which is extremely fluctuated, it will be better if you consult your condition to the psychologist. 

Well done. We have learned something new about the name of moods in English. Hopefully your day filled with joyful, blessed, and amazing thing in this world. Happy learning English! 

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