How to create a Fun English atmosphere for young learners at age 5 and above

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              Somehow students are very fond of fun atmosphere because the nature of children or students are fun learning. Fun learning here we can define as nurturing children in a good way, so that they are able to learn well at their age. Especially for those in 5 years above, it is a golden age for children to learn foreign language for a young learner. Their nature is being very curious about everything around them including what they see, hear, do and touch. It is very normal, and those phases should go on until they meet their puberty.

              Meanwhile children tend to imitate instead of listening instructions, many of them are audiovisual. They see and do that’s what most people say. After imitating what they see then they finally act that out based on what they see or hear and understand to figure out what it means or convey to adult, it is up to us to correct them as well. Children are very smart these days especially with the massive technology development. They can be very detail at things sometimes anxious and exaggerating too.

              Therefore, parental advisory is needed to guide the children or parents’ role to see if your children are in the safe zone by that it means that they are growing with the average capability that children can do or mostly do.

We can educate our children in a wise but not too strict as well, because children also wanted to be treat fairly good by their parents. Teaching them well, means we have to know or aware of their world.

1.) We should communicate to them all times, so they can develop day by day in excellent behavior and intelligence. 

2.) We can tell them stories

3.) Show the things around them indoor / outdoor activity

4.) Teach them to read books more instead of using their gadgets or minimize the usage of gadgets if possible

5.) Make them implement / act good things in the right way its ok if they made a mistake but make sure we show them what or which is the correct way.

              Finally, lets all be wise in making choices for our children, good luck to us all.

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