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      “Time is money”. These words are so familiar in our ears. But, have you ever been understanding it and do it in your life? Or you just know it without apply it with all by your heart?

       Having so many activities can be exhausted for some people, but it will be so interesting for the rest of people who loves to use their time in productive way. How about you? Do you prefer to make your time productively or waste your time lazily?

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      To be successful is a must for the hardworking person. He won’t waste his time all day long. He will always be busy with the work. Even tough he does not have anything to do, he will do something which actually can be done a week or a month later. A hard worker makes himself to be productive in order to achieve a success. 

      So, how about lazy people? Will they be as successful as a hard worker? What is your opinion?

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“Lazy people are the most productive”. Why? How come? To understand about it, please read this explanation wisely. “Hardworking people are most likely to be successful but Lazy people can be successful faster. Since we are Lazy, we do not like spending energy that would not profit us immediately thus we are the ones who are most likely think of ideas that would sell”. (Kmelvin256, 2018). Hence, the laziness of unproductive people because of they save their energy to think something which mostly more brilliant than productive people. They also do not want to use their energy for something which is wasteful (for them). That is the way they will be successful faster than the productive people. Wow!

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